If there is peace within there is peace without, and Individunification is the expression of the unity that occurs between individuated people. 

Individuation is a self-guided pre-existant urge that is welling up within; and for their efforts, individuated people carry with them stability, peace, and joyful intentions.  They are free of the ego-centricity that encapsulates one’s efforts and deeds within the boundary and framework of the egoIndividuation is hard work and requires engaging in life’s adventures, facing one’s fears and overcoming obstacles that are difficult, and it concludes with the ultimate boon – unity of Self

Unity of Self is the expression of a mediated and unified peaceful existence between the personal conscious and personal unconscious.  Along this line there is a balancing mechanism of cause and effect, wherein the personal unconscious compensatorily reacts to the ego-conscious’ expressed flow of desires and aversions.  The personal conscious and unconscious can be unified with the concerted effort of a consciously directed ego.  The ego must first hear, then understand, then heed the call of individuation from the unconscious in order to cease the pattern of cause and effect.  The unconscious knows the way and is at all times, especially in dreams, trying to demonstrate to the individual – the way.  At bottom, this individuated peace can be characterized as a mutual peace treaty between the personal conscious and personal unconscious

Ultimately, in its finest expression, in a world full of individuated people, peace (Individunification) would be the dominant characteristic of that world.