Quantum Entanglement

I think I can safely say that nobody understands Quantum Mechanics

                                                                     Richard Feynman

Quantum entanglement is a quintessential feature of the quantum realm and involves correlations among components of the overall physical system that cannot be described by classical physics.                      


Entanglement Dr. Quantum

Matter-Matter Entanglement at a Distance:

Quantum Mechanical Entanglement of Two Remote Quantum Systems

In the mid 1980's, Roger began investigating a strange phenomemon that had been reported by several other researchers.  They had noticed that the readouts of electronic devices called random number generators could be affected by people sitting next to them, if those people focused their thoughts on them.

Human thoughts are not non-physical, they are physical units of action potentials from the nerve itself.  Can it be transmitted across space?  Under certain conditions - absolutely, and there is evidence for it. 

If we have 7 Billion human brains all immersed in the magnetic field, which they are, then a change in one, if it's connected - and we are because the magenetic flux lines go right through us, right through our brains, then a change in one, could influence everyone.

2nd test affirms faster-than-light particles   

"If it's correct, it's phenomenal," said Rob Plunkett, a scientist at Fermilab, the Department of Energy physics laboratory in Illinois, in September. "We'd be looking at a whole new set of rules" for how the universe works.


A single atom and a BEC in two separate laboratories serve as nodes in a basic quantum net-work. To prepare entanglement between these systems, a laser pulse is used to stimulate the atom to emit a single photon which is entangled with the single atom. The photon is used to transport the entanglement through an optical fibre into a neighbouring laboratory. Here, the photon is stored in the BEC. This procedure establishes entanglement between the single atom and the BEC. After some delay, the photon is retrieved from the BEC and the state of the single atom is mapped onto a second photon. The observation of entanglement between these two photons proves that all steps of the experiment were performed successfully. (Credit: G. Rempe)