The Periodic Table

Understanding the Periodic table is very simple - you need to know 2 things

  Because all atom numbers reflect the number of protons (i.e. Carbon - 6, 6 protons, Krypton - 36, 36 protons, etc.)

What the number of the atom is? 

What that atomic mass is? 

       Hydrogen's (1) atomic mass is 1.008, but Helium's (2) is 4.00

           *3.96x as much mass with only 2x as much 'stuff' 

       Oxygen's (8) mass is 15.99

           *15.86x as much mass with only 8x as much 'stuff'.

Hydrogen Helium Carbon Oxygen Gold Uranium

Understanding the boiling and melting point will give a z-axis/3-dimensional understanding making all this more mentally accessible. 

Periodic Table of Elements  

Two new elements added to periodic table