During the Fourth Dynasty (2613 – 2494 B.C.), the four great pyramids of Giza are built.  The symbolism of the pyramid is connected with the annual flooding of the Nile.  This flooding is associated with the death of the god Osiris: the moisture from his decaying body fertilizes the soil.  When the land is wiped out by the annual flood, it is as though the world had been returned to its first condition simply as water – all is water.  As the flood subsides, there appears the primal hillock symbolic of the see of the universe, and that’s the pyramid.  This primal hillock is the Goddess and contains all the generative power of the universe, and within the pyramid is the king, buried as the generating energy within the world mountain – he is the counterpart of the dead Osiris.  This architecture has a symbolic meaning: the pharaoh is the dead Osiris within the primordial hillock, which is the first sign of life returning to the world that was flooded  at the time of his death, and his death is the fertilizing principle.   G92