Encountering the gods

   Here is the problem in encountering a deity; if you’re not ready, you’re going to make a mistake and get blown to pieces.  The deity represents a certain concentration and focus of power, a power center.  In myths, the individual human character represents a less powerful focus on spiritual power than the deity, and so the mortal must prepare for this incongruity of power fields through meditation in order to put the mind in the proper mode for regarding the deity-as-deity – naked, in a word.   G 113

   Like an electric circuit with a fuse that isn’t able to carry the charge, if the power is too great for the individual’s capacity, he blows.  So before approaching a goddess or god, there are manners of preparing oneself, of insulating oneself, as it were, to meet, receive, and subdue the power of a deity. 

   The varied powers that have been brought together in Artemis are indicated by her various images and associations.  We’ve seen her as a deer and we’ve seen her bathing in the water as the water nymph, which brings us back to the Old European fish goddess from 6000 B.C.   (pic – fig 19).