Grail Names / Places Source

Jeschute:  Entering the pavilion he finds a young wife named Jeschute (French, je chute: “I fall”).

Parzival / Perceval:   (His Aunt Sigune) tells him who he is and what his name is: Parzival.  And she renders it in terms of a French translation that Wolfram invents: perce la val, through the middle, between the pairs of opposites, between black and white.  Wolfram’s own coat of arms was a coat of two flags flying in opposite directions, and his helmet and shield had these two prongs.  The theme of his whole story is about going right through the middle, between black and white, incorporating both, without going to this side or that.  

CondwiramursThe castle is under siege, and it’s the castle of a young queen, Condwiramurs (French: conduire amour, “lead to love”)   RG 45

Anfortas:  For this is Anfortas, the Grail King, known also as the Fisher King and the Maimed King (Old French, entfertez, enfermetez: “infirmity”).  

Repanse de Schoye: The Grail is carried in on cloth-of-gold by a radiant Grail Queen, clothed in Arabian silk, and her name is Repanse de Schoye (French, Reponse de Joie: “Joyous Answer”).  RG 50

King Meljanz: (French, mal chance: “bad luck”)

Malcreatiure: (French, mal créature: “bad creature”)   (Cundrie’s brother)

Chateau Merveille:  (Castle of Marvels)

Munsalvaeshce:   The Castle of the Grail: Munsalvaeshce (French, mon salvage: “my salvation”). 

Tristan:   “To disguise his identity, he calls himself Tantris (French: tant trist, “very sad”).