Thinking Feeling


Thinking in its simplest form tells you what a thing is. It gives a name to the thing. It adds a concept because thinking is perception and judgment. AP 11

The intellectual type is afraid of being caught by feeling because his feeling has an archaic quality, and there he is like an archaic man – he is the helpless victim of his emotions. It is for this reason that primitive man is extraordinarily polite, he is very careful not to disturb the feelings of his fellows because it is dangerous to do so. AP 20

But they are right to be afraid, because their undoing will be in their feeling. Nobody can attack them in their intellect. There they are strong and can stand alone, but in their feelings they can be influenced, they can be caught, they can be cheated, and they know it. Therefore never force a man into his feeling when he is an intellectual. He controls it with an iron hand because it is dangerous. AP 20

Thinking …. Association, Contemplation, Concentration, Meditation

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything.  What we think, we become." 

Intellectual - inferior feeling function

… for having escaped into complete intellectualism, he has not suffered in life.  He has not lived a normal, human life, so that unlived life catches up with him.  Going through (the door) is like going through the unconscious, and the first thing which comes up is the revelation of all the unlived life which he has not lived because he had no feeling. TPoPA 231


Feeling informs you through its feeling-tones of the values of things. Feeling tells you for instance whether a thing is acceptable or agreeable or not. It tells you what a thing is worth to you. On account of that phenomenon, you cannot perceive and you cannot apperceive without having a certain feeling reaction. AP 12

Now the ‘dreadful’ thing about feeling is that it is, like thinking, a rational function. All men who think are absolutely convinced that feeling is never a rational function but, on the contrary, most irrational. AP 12

Feeling may err but it can only be corrected by feeling.  (Herder)

Inferior feeling cannot be corrected from above by superior thinking.  (James Hillman)

A first step in the education of feeling is lifting the repression of fear.  (James Hillman)

Since it is the feeling function that feels feelings, it must be allowed to feel what it actually does feel as it happens, admitting and accepting, without the intervention of superior functions.  (James Hillman)

Feeling gives value to the present, for without it one has no relationship to the here-and-now situation, and with it comes responsibility and, through that, a formed individual.  TPoPA 93