Willed introversion, in fact, is one of the classic implements of creative genius and can be employed as a deliberate device.  It drives the psychic energies into depth and activates the lost continent of unconscious infantile and archetypal images.  The result, of course, may be a disintegration of consciousness more or less complete (neurosis, psychosis: the plight of spellbound Daphne); but on the other hand, if the personality is able to absorb and integrate the new forces, there will be experienced an almost super-human degree of self-consciousness and masterful control.  This is the basic principle of the Indian disciplines of yoga.

   In an introvert, extraversion occurs through a kind of naïve projection.  Nobody believes in the complete solidity and unique reality of the outer world more than the introvert, because he has an unconscious and therefore a primitive, strong, and naïve, undifferentiated extraversion.  Nobody is so much attached to worldliness as he.  Through that he is split.  Every introvert who has not gone through a long period of analysis suffers from that. 

   The introvert is very willing to see the subjective side within himself, so far as his introversion is concerned, but when you come close to his extraverted shadow side, you come to a naïve, primitive man who always believes that the difficulty is in the outer circumstance and not in his own projections.   AAI 67