The Earth and Sky

      In Egypt, the sky is the goddess Nut, and the Earth is the god Geb, her husband.  The sun is born from her womb in the east, passes over her on its daily passage by barge, and enters her mouth in the west.  The next morning, it is born again from her womb in the east. 

   In Mesopotamia and Greek mythology, the god is the sky and the goddess is the Earth, as rain came from the sky and fertilized the Earth.  Originally Earth and sky were one being and were then separated, and this is sometimes thought to be a result of a sin, or simply an accident.  In the great Greek story, the sky (Ouranos) was lying so closely on Gaia, Earth, that their children couldn’t get out of her womb, so she handed a sickle to her son Kronos, who castrated Ouranos and pushed him up.  Here is the Egyptian myth it is just the opposite: it is the goddess who is being pushed up (pic G93).