The Point

The mystery of the smallest written sign, the point, is also known to alchemy.  The point is the symbol of a mysterious creative centre in nature.  The author of the “Novum lumen” admonishes his reader:

But you, dear reader, you will have above all to consider the point in nature … and you need nothing else, but take care lest you seek that point in the vulgar metals, where it is not.  For these metals, the common gold more especially, are dead.  But our metals are alive, they have a spirit, and they are the ones you must take.  For know that fire is the life of the metals. 

John Dee (1527-1607) speculates as follows:  “It is not unreasonable to suppose, that by the four straight lines which run in opposite directions from a single, individual point, the mystery of the four elements is indicated.”  

The centre of nature is “the point originated by God,” the “sun-point” in the egg.

The point as the centre of the quaternion of the elements is the place where Mercurius “digests and perfects.”  (54)  MC 48