The Transference

  Strictly speaking, transference is the projection of unconscious contents upon the person analyzing the unconscious.  The term “transference,” however, is used in a much wider sense and embraces all the exceedingly complex processes which bind the patient to the analyst.  This bond can turn into an extremely unpleasant obstacle if inexpertly handled.  There are cases where it has even led to suicide.  One of the main reasons for this is the coming to consciousness of certain unconscious contents which throw a new and disturbing light on the family situation.  Things may come up that transform the patient’s love and trust in his parents into resistance and hatred.  He then finds himself in an intolerable state of isolation, and will cling desperately to the analyst as his last remaining link with the world.  If at this critical juncture the analyst, through some technical blunder, snaps even this link, it can lead straight to suicide.  TDoP 154