… in the world of alchemical symbolism, the King and Queen celebrated an incestuous hieros gamos (divine marriage).  At the same time, the alchemical symbolism reveals the goal in whose service the endogamous gradient of energy is now placed.  It is no longer the family but the inner psychic components of the individual that it holds together; i.e. it has been internalized into the urge towards individuation.  Over against the disintegrating manifestation of psychic collectivity, the endogamous urge works in the direction of a psychic consolidation of the individual which is symbolized by the alchemical lapis. 

The king and queen represent the divine pair who celebrate the hieros gamos, the uniting of the torn-asunder psychic opposites.  The divine marriage is an archetypal image intended to heal a deep psychic dissociation.  Whenever man’s consciousness had become too far removed from its natural basis, such reconciliation rites were instituted for the purpose of healing, and they generally culminated in the motif of the divine marriage.  It is the parallels to the Book of Enoch that are of the most interest to us.  We are obviously living in a time resembling that of the beginning of the decline of ancient culture and the origins of Christianity – a time of extreme inner and outer crises, a time that presses toward a deep-reaching change.