The connection between cause and effect turns out to be only statistically valid and only relatively true. ... I define synchronicity as a psychically conditioned relativity of time and space.

Synchronicity is: ‘the coincidence in time of two or more causally unrelated events which have the same meaning’

Synchronicity … consists of two factors: a) An unconscious image comes into consciousness either directly (i.e. literally) or indirectly (symbolized or suggested) in the form of a dream idea, or premonition. b) An objective situation coincides with this content. The one is as puzzling as the other.

 For the skeptic, coincidences are

The Jokers in the deck of life.

For the Searcher, they are

The key to synchronicity.

                              -- F. David Peat

Events bound by synchronicity are connected by similarity, by meaning, by resonance, rather than by causality. Synchronicity is an acausal connecting principle. Since it goes beyond causation, it goes beyond time and space, and is not limited by such relations."

Synchronism is the prejudice of the East, causality of the West.

If the world truly operated on causality alone, one could create a computer that could map out a simulation of the universe that would run parallel to the actual universe and thus could FF: REw: to see the past or future.  There would therefore be no ‘room’ left for free will, creativity, and synchronization.

Freedom, novelty, creativity. 

Page 42  Therefore our inner world does not fulfill the 3 criteria on which causality is based:  listed on 42

Page 57 causality and synchronicity are not contradictory, but are dual perceptions of the same underlying reality”

Page 99  “For Jung believed that it is only within the objective layers of the mind, deep below the levels of personal repressions, that the energies and patterns of synchronicity are to be found.”

Though synchronistic phenomena occur in time and space they manifest a remarkable independence of both these indispensable determinants of physical existence and hence do not conform to the law of causality.


SYNCHRO PAGE 98-99  Through the method of psychoanalysis he argreed/argued repressed material can be brought to the surface and confronted, whereupon its associated energies are dissipated.”

Synchronicities are indications of a connectivity in the ‘atmosphere’.  They are causality related events that are brought together in an otherwise unlikely probability.

What pulls them together in the field of probabilities is the same force that pull planets into a sun’s orbit. 

Mind & Matter are 2 sides of the same thing and as matter has mass, so does thoughts ‘metaphysically’, and the mass of those events’ gravity hyper-increase the probability of such events happening from a purely random field of possibilities.

The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it Intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why.

Albert Einstein

“Therefore, during each moment of the day the brain is structurally unfolding from a background of active information which is present both in its own structure and in the external environment.  In turn the eternally fresh brain acts back upon the environment to change it and to create a new reality.”

Though synchronistic phenomena occur in time and space they manifest a remarkable independence of both these indispensable determinants of physical existence and hence do not conform to the law of causality. The causalism that underlies our scientific view of the world breaks everything down into individual processes which it punctiliously tries to isolate from all other parallel processes. This tendency is absolutely necessary if we are to gain reliable knowledge of the world, but philosophically it has the disadvantage of breaking up, or obscuring, the universal interrelationship of events so that a recognition of the greater relationship, i.e., of the unity of the world, becomes more and more difficult. Everything that happens, however, happens in the same "one world" and is a part of it. For this reason events must possess an a priori aspect of unity, though it is difficult to establish this by the statistical method. MC 464 

cont'd ... So far as we can see at present, Rhine seems to have successfully demonstrated this unity by his extrasensory-perception experiments (ESP).45 Independence of time and space brings about a concurrence or meaningful coincidence of events not causally connected with one another - phenomena which till now were summed under the purely descriptive concepts of telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. MC 464

 It is in the moments when an emotion-charged archetypal content is influencing consciousness with unusual force that so-called synchronistic events often tend to occur; concrete events take place in the individual’s outer environment that have a meaningful connection with the inner psychic contents that are constellated at about the same time.  P&R 91

I observed one concrete fact, for instance, in watching Jung: the older he became, the more he got the information he needed for whatever he was thinking about or was working on; it simply “ran after” him.  Once when he was occupied with a problem, a general practitioner in Australia sent him the complete material which he could use, and it arrived by mail precisely when he said, “Now I ought to have some observations on that kind of thing.”  It was as if even the collective unconscious in Australia was co-operating!  One could say that this kind of coincidence is the experience of an expansion of the archetype of the Self.  It is rather that we become more and more aware of the extent to which we are one with the whole of mankind and even of nature, and we begin to read it all as hieroglyphs of a writing which points to the one factor.  AAI 56





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