Advice for Educators

Primitive identity (is something which) the individual consciousness frees itself only gradually.  In this battle for freedom the school plays a not unimportant part, as it is the first milieu the child finds outside his home.  School comrades take the place of brothers and sisters, the teacher, if a man, acts as a substitute for the father, and, if a woman, for the mother.  It is important that the teacher should be conscious of the role he is playing.  He must not be satisfied with merely pounding the curriculum into the child; he must also influence him through his personality.  This latter function is at least as important as the actual teaching, if not more so in certain cases.      TDoP 55

Though it is a misfortune for a child to have no parents, it is equally dangerous for him to be too closely bound to his family.  An excessively strong attachment to the parents is a severe handicap in his later adaptation to the world, for a growing human being is not destined to remain forever the child of his parents.  TDoP 55