You are here for no other purpose than to realize your inner divinity and manifest your innate enlightenment.

"Enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light but of making the darkness conscious."

Buddha's teaching of Enlightenment begins with the Four Noble Truths The Four Noble Truths teach that the way out of Suffering and into Enlightenment is to apply the teachings of the Eight-Fold Path.

Enlightenment cannot be communicated, but the way can. 

Technically there are many ways of to achieve the state of Enlightenment, but the one unarguable version would be the path that Buddha prescribes

The first step, detachment or withdrawal, consists in a radical transfer of emphasis from the external to the internal world, macro to microcosm, a retreat from the desperations of the waste land to the peace of the everlasting realm that is within.  But this realm, as we know from psychoanalysis, is precisely the infantile unconscious.   …All the ogres and secret helpers of our nursery are there, all the magic of childhood. 

   The 20 Difficulties

At the very beginning of the path to Enlightenment there are twenty difficulties for us to overcome in this world and they are:

1.     It is hard for a poor man to be generous. 

2.     It is hard for a proud man to learn the Way of Enlightenment.

3.     It is hard to seek Enlightenment at the cost of self-sacrifice.

4.     It is hard to be born while Buddha is in the world.

5.     It is hard to hear the teaching of Buddha.

6.     It is hard to keep the mind pure against the instincts of the body.

7.     It is hard not to desire things that are beautiful and attractive.

8.     It is hard for a strong man not to use his strength to satisfy his desires.

9.     It is hard not to get angry when one is insulted.

10.            It is hard to remain innocent when tempted by sudden circumstances.

11.            It is hard to apply one’s self to study widely and thoroughly.

12.            It is hard not to despise a beginner.

13.            It is hard to keep one’s self humble.

14.            It is hard to find good friends.

15.            It is hard to endure the discipline that leads to Enlightenment.

16.            It is hard not to be disturbed by external conditions and circumstances.

17.            It is hard to teach others by knowing their abilities.

18.            It is hard to maintain a peaceful mind.

19.            It is hard not to argue about right and wrong.

20.            It is hard to find and learn a good method.

A common mistake in pursuing consciousness, spirit, truth, etc. is that people pursue what they perceive to be the good and admonish everything they consider being bad.  We hate desire, we try to get rid of it, but what we are ultimately doing is desiring not to desire.  In actuality, the path to enlightenment requires us to accept the light and dark principles together in wholeness.  By focusing only on what we perceive as good we encourage the manifestation of bad to occur, this is the nature of duality.  Our goal is not to love one and hate the other, but to embrace all. 

"Only when we can love hell will we find heaven."
                                                      -- Unknown source

The return and reintegration with society, which is indispensable to the continuous circulation of spiritual energy into the world, and which, from the standpoint of the community, is the justification of the long retreat, the hero himself may find the most difficult requirement of all.  For if he has won through, like the Buddha, to the profound repose of complete enlightenment, there is danger that the bliss of this experience may annihilate all recollection of, interest in, or hope for, the sorrows of the world; or else the problem of making known the way of illumination to people wrapped in economic problems may seem too great to solve.”

Enlightenment - Eckhart Tolle

 If you can say, “How is it that with such a small, simple exercise one can become enlightened?” you are saying this without doing the exercise. If you do it, then you will not say that this is a small, simple exercise. It looks this way because within two or three sentences the whole exercise has been given. Do you know the atomic formula? Two or three words, and the whole formula is given. And with those two or three words, those who can understand, those who can use those words, can destroy the whole earth. The formula is very small.

[1] Whether face to face, over the internet, or through a book). 

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