Nirvana / Nibbana

"Nibbana is not a paradise nor another world.  It's not a place, but rather an inner state, which we seek to attain."

The word Nibbana is made of 2 parts.   Ni & Banna

Ni is a negation and Banna means 'the bond'

Nibbana literally means - an absence of bonds

3 fires burn within us constantlyOne is the attachment to things.  The others are hatred and ignorance.  To free one's self from these fires, we must create a void, free of any physical and mental existence.  One often hears of Buddhism as a religion of the void.  But this void refers to an extinction of the ego.  During meditation our barriers disappear.  Our mind is calm and serene.  But before that stage, we must first release ourselves from desire, anger, and ignorance.  This takes practice.  Nibbana is all this. 

Bhante Varsambodhi              

It is possible that any further spell of three-dimensional life would have no more meaning once the soul had reached a certain stage of understanding; it would then no longer have to return, fuller understanding have put to rout the desire for re-embodiment.  Then the soul would vanish from the three-dimensional world and attain what the Buddhists call nirvana.

But if a karma still remains to be disposed of, then the soul relapses again into desires and returns to life once more, perhaps even doing so out of the realization that something remains to be completed. 

Nirvana consists in the psychological stance that makes you indifferent to suffering.  What is it that turns your life into nothing but suffering?  It is desire and fear – desire for something, some delusory desire, and fear lest you should lose something.  When this desire and fear are quenched, you come to what is known as the Mahasukha, the great delight, the realization of rapture.  When you are experiencing rapture, the pain doesn’t hurt.  It’s that getting into a center that gives you such a participation in the rapture of the process.  You are right in the center and are neither winning nor losing.  You are in being.  This is Nirvana.  TMTT 108

(The) distinction between samsara, suffering in the world, and nirvana, or rapture in transcendence, is that there’s no distinction.  So now we can begin to see that the world itself is a manifestation of Buddha consciousness.   TMTT 112