The idea of rebirth is inseparable from that of karma.  The crucial question is whether a man’s karma is personal or not.  If it is, then the preordained destiny with which a man enters life represents an achievement of previous lives, and a personal continuity therefore exists.  If, however, this is not so, and an impersonal karma is seized upon in the act of birth, then that karma is incarnated again without there being any personal continuity. 

In my case it must have been primarily a passionate urge toward understanding which brought about my birth.  For that is the strongest element in my nature.  This insatiable drive toward understanding has, as it were, created a consciousness in order to know what is and what happens, and in order to piece together mythic conceptions from the slender hints of the unknowable.  MDR 322

The bath, submersion, baptism, and drowning are synonymous, and all are alchemical symbols for the unconscious state of the self, its embodiments, as it were - or, more precisely, for the unconscious process by which the self is "reborn" and enters into a state in which it can be experienced. MC 384

Cont'd ... This state is then described as the "filiums regius." The "old dragon" who prepared the bath, a primeval creature dwelling in the caverns of the earth, is, psychologically, a personification of the instinctual psyche, generally symbolized by reptiles. It is as though the alchemists were trying to express the fact that the unconscious itself initiates the process of renewal. MC 384

Rebirth is an affirmation that must be counted among the primordial affirmations of mankind.  These primordial affirmations are based on what I call archetypes.  In view of the fact that all affirmations relating to the sphere of the suprasensual are, in the last analysis, invariably determined by archetypes, it is not surprising that a concurrence of affirmations concerning rebirth can be found among the most widely differing peoples.  A&CU 117

The mass is an extramundane and extratemporal act in which Christ is sacrificed and then resurrected in the transformed substances; and this rite of his sacrificial death is not a repetition of the historical event but the original, unique, and eternal act.  A&CU 118

   The idea that the child is a rebirth of the Father energy brings the notion of the child having begotten himself.  When you read in Dante’s Divine Comedy St. Bernard’s prayer to the Virgin, the same role is assigned to her, and her son is the Father, the one God in two persons.  We’re here at the beginning of the whole story of the Goddess. 

The moon carries within itself its own death in the form of its increasing shadow, as we all do.  It has, however, the power to throw off that shadow and be reborn.  So the moon represents to us the promise of rebirth, of the power of life engaged in the field of time and space to throw off death and be reborn.  That’s the sense of these representations – that in procreation death has been thrown off and the seed has gone to rebirth through the miracle of the woman’s body, which the navel represents.   G29

If one were to write a prayer for that which is symbolized in that shrine (in Çatal Hüyük) it would say, “May I whose body goes back to the Mother obtain rebirth as the moon bull is reborn.”  So, here we have an evident doctrine of rebirth and reincarnation, with the moon symbolic of that which dies and is resurrected.  All of the dead and resurrected gods of the Mediterranean area are associated with the moon: Osiris, Attis, Adonis, and Jesus.  The moon mythologically is three nights dark, just as Jesus was three nights in the tomb with the dark rock over the door.  G 31

Rebirth & rites/rituals

The whole idea of the men’s sacred ground, the men’s cave, is continued in ceremonial huts which are associated with rebirth.  You enter the tiny little door as though it were the vulva and go into the mother body and everything inside is magical.  We’re a magical field.  When you go into a cathedral today, you are in a magical field.  TMTT 19

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