Tantra - 9 Techniques - 3

Watch the fusion point of two breaths. (3/112)

We are divided into the centre and the periphery. The body is the periphery; we know the body, we know the periphery. We know the circumference, but we do not know where the centre is. O 44

When it is moving out it is dynamic; when it is coming in it is dynamic. When it is neither, when it is silent, non-moving, you are near to the centre. The fusion point of the in and outgoing breath is your centre. O 44

Look at it this way: when the breath goes in, where does it go? It goes to your centre, it touches your centre. When it goes out, from where does it go out? It moves from your centre. Your centre has to be touched. That is why Taoist mystics and Zen mystics say that the head is not the centre, the navel is your centre. The breath goes to the navel, then it moves out. It goes to the centre. O44

That is why everyone feels “off-centre.” In the whole modern world, those who can think at all feel they are missing their centre.

Look at a child sleeping, observe his breath. The breath goes in; the abdomen comes up. The chest remains unaffected. Children are in their centre, at their centre. That is why they are so happy, so bliss-filled, so energy-filled, never tired – overflowing, and always in the present moment with no past, no future. O 44

A child can be angry. When he is angry, he is totally angry; he becomes the anger. Then his anger is also a beautiful thing. When one is totally angry, anger has a beauty of it sown, because totality always has beauty.You cannot be angry and beautiful, you will become ugly, because partiality is always ugly. And not only with anger. When you love you are ugly because you are again partial, fragmentary; you are not total. A child even in anger and violence is total. His face becomes radiant and beautiful; he is here and now. O45

When you are at your centre you are always total. Whatsoever you do will be a total act; good or bad, it will be total. When you are fragmentary, when you are off-centre, your every act is bound to be a fragment of yourself. Your totality is not responding, just a part, and the part is going against the whole – that creates ugliness.

We all were children. Why is it that as we grow our breathing becomes shallow? It never goes to the abdomen; it never touches the navel. If it could go down more and more it would become less and less shallow, but it just touches the chest and goes out. It never goes to the centre. You are afraid of the centre, because if you go to the centre you will become total.

If you are totally vulnerable, open, you do not know what is going to happen. Then you are completely, in another sense. You are afraid to be so completely given to someone. You cannot breathe; you cannot take a deep breath. You cannot relax your breathing so that it goes to the centre – because the moment breathing goes to the centre your act becomes total. O 45

Because you are afraid of being total, you breathe shallowly. You breathe just at the minimum, not at the maximum. That is why life seems so lifeless. If you are breathing at the minimum life will become lifeless; you are living at the minimum, not at the maximum.

The more you are dead, the more you are secure. The more you are dead, the more everything is in control. You can control; then you remain the master. You feel that you are the master because you can control. You can control your anger, you can control your love, you can control everything. But this controlling is possible only at the minimum level of your energy. O 46

Shiva says you are every moment touching the centre, or if you are not touching you can touch it. Take deep, slow breaths. Touch the centre; do not breathe from the chest – that is a trick. Civilization, education, morality, they have created shallow breathing. It will be good to go deep into the centre, because otherwise you cannot take deep breaths. Unless humanity becomes non-suppressive toward sex, man cannot breathe really. If the breath goes deep down to the abdomen, it gives energy to the sex centre. It touches the sec centre; it massages the sex centre from within. The sex centre becomes more active, more alive. Civilization is afraid of sex. O47

If we are to create a sexless humanity, then we will have to change the breathing system. The breath must go into the head, to the sahasrar – the seventh centre in the head – then come back to the mouth. This should be the passage: from the mouth to the sahasrar. It must not go deep down because down is dangerous. The deeper you go, the nearer you reach the deeper layers of biology. You reach to the centre, and that centre is just near the sex centre – just near. It has to be, because sex is life.

at it in this way: breath is life from above downward; sex is life from just the other corner – from down upward. Sex energy is flowing and breath energy is flowing. The breath passage is in the upper body and the sex passage is in the lower body. When they meet they create life; when they meet they create biology, bioenergy. So if you are afraid of sex, create a distance between the two, do not allow them to meet. So really, civilized man is a castrated man; that is why we do not know about breath, and this sutra will be difficult to understand.

Shiva says, Whenever in-breath and out-breath fuse, at this instant touch the energy-less, energy-filled centre.

He uses very contradictory terms: “energy-less, energy-filled.” It is energy-less because your bodies, your minds, cannot give any energy to it. Your body energy is not there, your mind energy is not there, so it is energy-less as far as you know your identity. But it is energy-filled because it has the cosmic source of energy, not because of your body energy.

Your body energy is just fuel energy. It is nothing but petrol You eat something, you drink something – it creates energy. It is just giving fuel to the body.

The moment you can feel the centre from where breath goes out or comes in, the very point where the breaths fuse – that centre – if you become aware of it, then enlightenment. O 48