Chi – Gung - Chigung

 Indefitagable Energy

Chi is the Chinese word that describes the natural energy of the universe, and, as scientifically discovered by the team of Neils Bohr, it is subject to thought (chi can be increased and directed at will using nothing more than awareness) just as the mystics, monks, and martial artists have said all along. 

Perhaps referring to chi as bioelectricity may clear up some misunderstanding about the word, but what is most important to keep in mind is that there is nothing mystical about Chi. Chi is energy, and it is fluid and malleable. 

A "chi body" enjoys a sense of lightness; lightness leads to nimbleness; nimbleness leads to motion: motion leads to change; change leads to adaptability; adaptability leads to growth.

                                                                                          —Lao Tsu 

Chi is the life force within plants, animals, humans, and even rocks.  Chi is like water, it nurtures, but it is when it is harnessed (as water through a dam) that its value is experience.

Ki in martial arts

Other words to describe Chi are Ki: (Japanese), Prana (Hindi), Mana.

Gung has many translations, but can generally be accepted as “achievement acquired through effort.[2]  Due to our science community’s lack of omniscience - Gung currently is scientifically not provable, but is esoterically known and accepted as true by anybody who has experienced it. 

"Chi is energy, gung is harnessed energy, and this harnessed energy is manifested as either light or dark matter."

A person’s overall energy system (aura/radiance) reflects the overall health[3] of the person.  Dense low vibrational energy is that of the physical realm, while light high vibrational energy is that of the spiritual realm. 

Gung exists in all cells and subatomic molecules.  In the Star Wars series there is a reference to this phenomenon, and they refer to the energy as Midi-Chlorians. 

Chigung (Reiki[4]) (Pranayama)

Chi is energy, gung is “achievement acquired through effort”, so therefore:

Chigung is: “the art of acquiring energy through effort[5]. 

Chi cultivated through the art of Chigung manifests gung of higher potency. 

If you want a vegetable garden, you plant the seeds, water them, and weed out the garden.  If you want gung; learn how it grows, practice it, and reinvest your profits[6]. 

   There are three areas of development pertaining to Chi Gung:

1.     Cultivation of health and longevity

2.     Mental and spiritual development

3.     Harmonizing one’s being with the universe

How does Chi Gung work?

A person’s vitality is correlated to how healthy they are.  Chi Gung increases the body’s energy and decongests (opens) the body’s energy pathways[7].  This causes (not just allows) the bodies’ organs and tissues to repair themselves more quickly and to become stronger.  They are relieved of stress and are able to do their job with more efficiency.  Chigung improves health and augments physical performance[8].

Healing is generally viewed as curing symptoms in Western medicine, but in Chigung (TCM[9]) it is regarded as a “returning to wholeness”.  An undoing instead of a patching up[10].  This wholeness, or Supreme Being, is what we would be if we remained free of defilements.  As in chapter 7 (Purity) we are born perfect and immorality (defilement) is learned by mimicking others.  Likewise, physically, most people get old, fat, and unhealthy before they should because they watch others do it and accept it as normal.  Our habits dictate our health.

According to Chigung theory, pain and disease are manifestations of deviations from the Supreme Being. 

A portion of these deviations arise in childhood where our psychosomatic development is most developed in the 0-5 year cycle.  During this rapid-growth learning stage our highly susceptible development is at the mercy of the authority lineage that we seek guidance from.  A loving, nourishing, and encouraging environment is polarized to a “children should be seen and not heard”, constantly discouraging, unceasingly ‘no’ responding environment. 

These negative deviations manifest into physical, mental, emotional, and loving limitations that are out of alignment with our Supreme Being. 

Unfortunately, Chigung, specifically how it is marketed to the West, is based on exercises and movements to unblock the meridians and for improved health.  Chigung’s effect on a person’s mental state and enlightenment development in this sense however is no more effective than going to a local yoga class has on the overall experience of ‘feeling better’.  As much as mind, body, and spirit are inseparable Chigung practiced this way will affect the wholeness of being only as much as kung fu develops its practitioner’s enlightenment – which isn’t really that much at all.  The spirit is more influenced by the mind than the body.



To develop high gung potency and to achieve higher levels of cultivation one must develop their virtue. 

As with the teaching of the Tao, the nature of the universe[12] is the only standard to which you should measure yourself up against.


Regarding cultivation there are 2 rules to remember:

1.     Know the Laws

2.     Cultivate inwardly

To develop karma you must develop the art of focus and awareness of practicing cultivation. 

Cultivate your spirit

By cultivating your mind

By cultivating your character

“Character is the caliber of life, which we live, that brings us into a balance of body, mind, and spirit”

Cultivation amasses within, not without.  Cultivation requires cultivation of character, which is cultivation of virtue. 

Cultivation depends on the quality of your being no less than fruit depends on the quality of its tree[13].  Karma means action, and action is rewarded according to morality (virtue).  Actions have energic results that produce what you see and label as radiance (or lack thereof).  You can tell a person with strong gung (and good karma) by their shining eyes, voluminous voice, and glowing skin[14].  In essence, you’ll look young compared to people your age.

By having dark matter (ignorance) within your field of being you discourage the process of cultivating light (truth/energy) matter into gung (mass).

The path that leads to cleansing bad karma follows the principles of; True good, and endure.[15]

By cultivating these three aspects we develop what is in line with the universe and when we cultivate their opposites we become more out of alignment and develop entanglements that require undoing.

There are two areas for development; cultivating and exercises (Chigung), and most people put their energy and focus into just the exercises.  Without virtue a practitioner will stagnate at low levels.

Monks have high levels of gung because of their unceasing cultivation.  They are focusing more on the cultivation of virtue, which yields more ‘profit’ than exercises do.[16

So what is it you’re cultivating?  

Technically speaking, you’re cultivating energy, or; you are cultivating good virtue that extirpates the bad karma (like darkness exposed to light).

 Just as good emotions produce healthy chemicals via the hypothalamus[17] that produces good sensations in the body, gung also occurs as a byproduct.

Secondly, you are cultivating stronger storage cells.  Once the body becomes purified of bad energy, instead of battling the impurities, the energy (focus/concentration) coalesces and is redirected to strengthening the quality of it’s receptors (material nature). 

During times of war horses are used in battle, in times of peace they are used for farming.

         -- Find the owner

 For instance Uranium must have cells of the best quality in able to encase it’s power.  Unlike cells in the material world though, your cells[18] will ameliorate themselves via the energy of their contents.

Even if on some occasion you cultivated a vast amount of gung, by having a poorly managed and inferior quality receptacle you will experience leakage (entropy) and the experience will be momentary.  Depending on the ___ of the experience, the benefits of the outcome will either dissipate like a dream, or the experience will create a realization so powerful within you that you will be compelled to return your self back to that ‘Being’ that is so familiar. 

Attachment to this experience is the self-encased trapping of the experience.  By attaching one’s ego to the experience of the experience, one limits it’s progression and instead stays in a continuous loop at a particular level. 

Fortunately for you, the directions are all spelled out in this paper.  You’re welcome J

Progress is advanced by:

The Four Right Procedures of Buddhism:

1)    Stopping bad things before they start

2)    Eliminating bad things that have already started

3)    Performing Good Deeds

4)    Promote the growth and continuance of good deeds that have already started


When regular people die and are cremated all that are left are ashes.  But when Buddhas and other enlightened beings die and are cremated little pearls (Ringsel[19]) are found among the ashes.  These pearls can only be described as the material manifestation of the virtue of the person cremated. 

 When you attack someone a transfer of virtue occurs.  What you lose becomes their gain (depending on their reaction of course).  That person can either gain by this by staying in-line with moral conduct,[20] or if their reaction is one of negativity, then they lose that gain and develop their own bad karma. 

Having bad karma means you have to either endure it or get rid of it.  Oddly enough, temporary hardship or bad times can eliminate it, so by being grateful in ‘dark’ times and practicing humility, you speed up your advancement and cultivation.

Of course, cultivation is easy living by ones self in the mountains where there is little to tempt you, but it is in a societal environment where there is the most to struggle with that the most gain is to be found.  If you want to be a boxer, hitting a punching bag will only do you so much good.  It is when you are in the ring that you become a boxer, and 3 rounds in a ring with an opponent are worth 3 hours of boxing with your shadow. 

Similarly, reading about swimming won’t make you a good swimmer.  Even if you’re an out of the water expert on swimming... so what?

In jiu-jitsu there is a lesson that all teachers share on how a person who is knocked out going down rapids generally has a better chance of survival than a conscious person (who is panicking), because they are resisting the flow of nature.  The person who yields to nature and follows its flow prospers.  When you adopt the way of nature as your way, then the universe will not resist you in what you are trying to achieve.

You are always trading your virtue for something else, whether it is health, good fortune, or your evil deeds.  By cashing in early on your investment (and interest yields) you miss the opportunity to develop to the next level.  Simply put… You gain white, by losing black.  And you gain black by losing white and different levels of cultivation have different requirements, responsibilities, and penalties.

Exercising is for creating a healthy body that allows the soul to ‘exist’ in.  Since the body, mind, soul, and spirit, reflect each other, having a clean/healthy body causes a clean/healthy soul. 


So you see, you’ve wanted gold all along, yet the most valuable substance in the physical realm is energy.  It is in such abundance that no one could possess any more than an infinite fraction.  Even Ponce de Leon could not have imagined this. 

Your goal:  usurp as much energy as possible – Human Thermodynamics.

The energy required by us ‘online’ will be reduced.

Turn your storage units into powerhouses able to hold plutonium and not hydrogen. 

   mana \MAH-nuh\, noun:

   1. A generalized, supernatural force or power, which may be concentrated in objects or persons.

Indefatigable energy

Gung can heal, chi cannot.   (

Body does not emit chi, it emits gung (aura)

Gung protects from illness and harm.

The Tao (way) Te (virtue) Ching (book) is translated as The Book of the way and virtue.[22] 

Karma is what creates the light and dark matter, so therefore cultivating good karma, is cultivating good virtue, which manifests as gung.

Like how you soften baked food on a baking dish with water and soap so that you can remove it, sometimes Kalapas need to be softened first in order for them to evanesce.  Once consciousness has unhinged the chain of attachment, and acceptance (of reality) prevails, then the Kalapas have ripened enough that they will simply dissipate in the presence of equanimous (pure) consciousness.

Karma = Virtue = Gung

Light = Energy = Mass

There are over 3000 schools of Chigung.

Sikhism:  Shubed – current of sound/stream of light ... can’t push a river upstream vibrates in your flow of energy/light


[1] Page 4 - The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

[2] This is the same gung as in gungfu (kung fu) where fu translates as ‘man’. 

[3] physical/mental and spiritual

[4] Reiki is the Japanese equivalent of the word Chigung – the differences you will find are dogmatic.  They are the same thing

[5] Like the previously mentioned (ch.1) energy and mass, having more energy doesn’t amount to a lot unless it is concentrated energy (mass).

[6] Personally, I find this to be the answer to the question of when in the bible the father was more upset at the son who buried his treasure to be invested than he was at the son who lost his investment.

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