Lingam & Yoni

… an idea symbolized in the early phallic imagery, which continues in India in the symbols of the lingam and yoni, where the male organ is represented penetrating the female organ from beneath.  And when we are standing there regarding this symbol, which is that of the pouring of divine transcendent energy into the sphere of time and space within which we all dwell, we are, as it were, within the womb of the Goddess beholding and appreciating the mystery of the continuous creation, the continuous pouring forth of the transcendent principle into the temporal sphere.  It is within the sphere of time and space that we all dwell, it is within the sphere of the pairs of opposites, the categories of thought that we all dwell.  The goddess of logic as well as the goddess of time and space limits us in our thinking and in our action.  And so even the names of god, even the forms of god, wherever god is worshipped, are those of Her children.  She is the primary divinity, the Mother, and Her womb encloses us.  G72