One of the most important energic phenomena of psychic life is the progression and regression of libido.  Progression could be defined as the daily advance of the process of psychological adaptation.  We know that adaptation is not something that is achieved once and for all, though there is a tendency to believe the contrary.  This is due to mistaking a person's psychic attitude for actual adaptation.  We can satisfy the demands of adaptation only by means of a suitably directed attitude.  Consequently, the achievement of adaptation is completed in two stages: 

(1) attainment of attitude,

(2) completion of adaptation by means of the attitude. 

... A man's attitude to reality is something extraordinarily persistent, but the more persistent his mental habitus is, the less permanent will be his effective achievement of adaptation.  This is the necessary consequence of the continual changes in the enrivonment and the new adaptations demanded by them. 

Attitude determines Altitude!