"Many people treat their bodies as if they were rented from Hertz -- something they are using to get around in but nothing they genuinely care about understanding."

                                                                       Chungliang Al Huang

It would be impossible to cover the details of the necessities required to create an entire program of health and healing in this paper.  What I am trying to do, is to summarize all of the most important points of the most important topics, in order to create a picture and a direction that will give anyone starting on a health and wellness program a view of the right direction that produces optimal health, vitality, and longevity. 


In 7 years - 100% of the approximately 10 trillion atoms in our bodies will be entirely replaced with new ones[1]. 


Your body is like a river, stuff flowing in, and stuff flowing out, and the river/body that was once there is not the same river/body that is now there.  The physical Dave Spencer that I was in 2000 is completely and utterly gone and there is not one atom that is still in me that was in me then.

You, and everything, are made up solely of atoms and atoms are 99.999999% empty space, thus – YOU are 99.999999% empty space.  (NOT SURE AT THE MOMENT – BUT ALSO, 99.9% OF YOUR DNA YOU SHARE WITH EVERYONE ELSE – SO WHAT IS UNIQUE?)  The space between your atoms is roughly the same as the space between galaxies.  Atoms have no solidity (nothing has solidity) they are only vibrations of energy.  You may have heard the phrase ‘Nothing touches anything else’.  When you sit in a chair you are actually hovering above the chair10-8 centimeters above the chair.  All atoms have a negative charge on the outside that pushes all other atoms away from them.  The closer they get to each other, the more the charge intensifies.   (some pic)

The body is a mirage, a hologram.   See chapter 1, page XX. 

So then … who am I? 

Well, the person that I think I am is like a university.  The people change, the buildings change, but the ‘spirit’ that is the university remains.  So essentially we are walking spirits living in the physical realm where our beings consist wholly of atoms (which we know are only energy & information), and where the mental part of us is - that which consists of consciousness, perception, sensation, and reaction[3].


Molecules are simply chains of atoms.  For instance:

An oxygen molecule (O2) is 2 Oxygen atoms.  

A carbon dioxide molecule (CO2) is 1 Carbon and 2 Oxygen atoms.

A water molecule (H2O) is 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom.

A sugar molecule (C6H12O6) is 6 Carbon, 12 Hydrogen, and 6 Oxygen atoms.

A testosterone molecule (C19 H28 O2)


Your gums gets replaced every two weeks, your stomach lining every three weeks, your skin[4] every four weeks, your liver every six weeks, most bones every three months, and your entire skeleton every year. 

Cells live to their optimal existence with

1)    The nutrients they require

2)    Oxygen

3)    Waste elimination

As long as they are not ruptured cells will live to their optimal existence[5].  Accumulation of toxins in the blood stream is the biggest hazard to your cells because toxins destroy the healthy energy charge of the cells and strip it of its energy[6].  The negative energy charge on the outside of the cell gets weakened and the cells end up sticking together.  This clumping makes them weak.

50,000 of the cells in your body will die and be replaced with new cells, in the time you have been reading this sentence.

In Deepak Chopra’s The book of Secrets he has this to say about cells.   (AMAZON)

Cells have these properties: 

1.     Every cell works together for the welfare of the whole.  If necessary it will die to protect the body.  Selfishness is not an option.

2.     A cell keeps in touch with every other cell.  Withdrawing or refusing to communicate is not an option.

3.     Their awareness is always open to change.  From moment to moment it senses everything in their environment.  Getting caught up in rigid habits is not an option.

4.     Cells recognize each other as equally important.  Going it alone is not an option.

5.     Although every cell has a set of unique functions they can do things in ways never experienced before.  Clinging to old behavior is not an option. 

6.     They obey the universe’s cycle of rest and activity.  Being obsessively active or aggressive is not an option.

7.     Cells store the minimal amount of energy.  Functioning with the smallest expenditure of energy.  They store usually no more than 3 seconds of energy.

8.     Cells know that they are fundamentally the same.  Being an outcast is not an option.

9.     Giving is the primary activity.  Commitment to giving makes receiving automatic.

10. Cells reproduce in ordero pass on their knowledge, experience, and talents, holding nothing from their offspring.  The generation gap is not an option. 

Molecules themselves have no intelligence, but when they are integrated into the human, intelligence is activated in them.  This intelligence is in the human body, but not in the physical realm. 

Dr. Cleve Backster (a famous polygraph expert) has performed tests that show that even if cells are removed from the body and placed in another room, they will react to the stimuli at the exact same moment the subject does.  One incident demonstrated cells reacting similarly (thesaurus) and simultaneously that were placed seven miles away.  This experiment clearly demonstrated how energy and information work on the quantum level.  This phenomenon is referred to as - Quantum Entanglement[7].


·        Nervous System

·        Endocrine System

·        Integumentary System

·        Skeletal System

·       Cardiovascular System

·        Lymphatic System

·        Respiratory System

·        Digestive System

·        Urinary System

·        Reproductive System

·        Immune System


Your body has an entire pharmacy inside, able to make any and all drugs. 



45 miles of nerves in the body


At any given moment, all of the work being done inside any cell is being done by enzymes.  Enzymes are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions.  Most cellular processes require enzymes in order to quickly and efficiently occur; otherwise they would happen very slowly or not at all.  Enzymes themselves do not get used up or chemically altered in the process and are not ‘alive’.  Like all proteins, enzymes are made of amino acids, but what makes these proteins different is how they behave in the body.  The amino acids bond together creating patterns and each pattern of each enzyme gives it distinct characteristics and functions.  All enzymes are specific in their actions, fitting the biochemical reactions for which they are designed as precisely as a key fits a lock. 

Each type of enzyme has a special function and works in a particular way. Enzymes activate all functions in the body, facilitate reactions that build compounds from the body’s raw materials, transport elements throughout the body, break down substances such as dead/damaged cells, and eliminate many unwanted wastes and toxins.  Enzymes are either acquired by eating them or the body creates them, primarily by the pancreas.

Water is a necessary element for enzyme functions.  Enzymes will not work in a dry environment[8].  Dehydrated foods, such as prunes, raisins and dates, however retain their enzymes if they are sun dried.  Once in the body the enzymes are re-activated by the warmth and moisture of the mouth and stomach.





     Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man - Homer Simpson - The Simpsons


Muscle Memory

Motor recruitment.   The brain and muscles learn to do a specific task.  The more you train the faster and more accurately your muscles can be recruiting. 

We store every movement we ever do in a complex filing cabinet in our brains and when we need to make those movement patterns we pull that back out of the filing cabinet. 


[1] In one year 95% of the atoms are replaced.

[2] Which I found out was maximized by the formula ((T*E)*(F*A)) for being and knowing.

[3] The Thought Process – page 23.

[4] We can make 40,000 new skin cells every minute and shed 600,000 particles of skin every hour.  We lose 1.5 pounds/year creating 80% of the dust in your home.  By 45 we have created more than 180kgs of dust from dead skin cells.  Wrinkles are not caused by damage to the cells, the problem is what binds them together – collagen.  Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight causes a molecular chain reaction that degrades the collagen.  The fibres get thinner and break.  “The Living Body” – National Geographic.  The average persons skin has a surface area of about 18ft3 and weigh about 6 lbs.

[5] existence, which we do not even know what that is, because that number could be 100’s of years Find a reference

[6] Entropy

[7] A theory that strongly stands on empirical evidence that demonstrates – everything in the universe through the enfolding/unfolding phenomenon is essentially  - connected

[8] Nuts such as almonds should be soaked in water overnight, which will activate the enzymes and give you a higher protein yield, but not more than 24 hours.