Atma / Maha-atma / Parm-atma

Shubud vibrates into the being of Self – that’s the Soul – the Atma. The Atma then has the experience of that enlightenment to receive the gifts of the ParmAtma – the supreme soul – and Guru’s teachings are the bridge that we walk across that links us to the Parmatma.  It’s a feeling that we hold inside – that we know – that we are always surrounded.  Permeated in the being of light of God.  That it never separates itself from us.  That’s why we do our hymns each day.  Why we meditate each day.  So that our consciousness is set in that ‘Understanding’ and nothing can pull us from it.  The true devotion is when we hold that understanding and nothing can take us away from it.  Nothing can pull us apart from it.  Nothing can discourage our belief and our trust - And we can forgive each other.  We all make mistakes.  Judgments, intolerance, negativity, blame, complaint.  


    Atma is the Hindi word for Soul

Maha-atma      Pure Soul


   Great Soul - God

This is from Hindu Upanishad:  In the beginning there was only the great Self - reflected in the form of a person - reflecting it found nothing but it's Self - and its first word was "This Am I"     Interviews with Bill Moyers 2 - 1m:25s