Self Actualization


First, try to understand what is meant by self-actualization. A.H. Maslow has used this term “self-actualization.” Man is born as potentiality. He is not really actual – just potential. Man is born as possibility, not actuality. He may become something; he maybe attain actualization of his potentiality or he may not attain. The opportunity may be used or it may not be used. And nature is not forcing you to become actual. You are free. You can choose to become actual; you can choose not to do anything about it. Man is born as a seed. Thus, no man is born fulfilled – just with the possibility of fulfillment.

If that is the case – and that is the case – then self-actualization becomes a basic need. Because unless you are fulfilled, unless you become what you can be or what you are meant to be, unless you actually attain, unless your seed becomes a fulfilled tree, you will feel that you are missing something. And everyone is feeling that he is missing something. That feeling of missing is really because of this, that you are not yet actual. O156

So self-actualization means

a person has become

what he was to become. 

Self-actualization becomes a peak experience, and only a self-actualized person can attain peak experiences.

If you go in search of a desireless state of bliss through desires, you will never reach it. But if you try something else – methods of self-actualization, methods of realizing your inner potentiality, of making them actual – then the more you will become actual the less and less desires will be felt, because really, they are felt only because you are empty inside. When you are not empty within, desiring ceases. O 158

First thing: a self-actualized person will be centered. Second thing: he will be balanced.Thirdly: if these two things happen – centering, balance – many things will follow. He will always be at ease. Whatsoever the situation, the at-easeness will not be lost. I say whatsoever the situation – unconditionally, the at-easeness will not be lost, because one who is at the centre is always at ease.  Even if death comes, he will be at ease. He will receive death as one receives any other guest. O 161